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Category Arts

Mark Knopfler, Live in Minneapolis, July 17, 2005

“I am against this lawsuit. It was said TV would be the end of cinema, it was said tapes would kill records and CD burners would kill CD’s, but that’s not true. Technology will always progress. The only real danger comes from countries which practise industrial piracy. I’ve always encouraged the recordings of my concerts. […]

Urban Anthropology

Here’s a logo design I created for an online business selling vintage clothing and estate sale items on eBay and Etsy. It’s my fallback plan for retirement (designing the logos, not selling the clothing). Nice reflections. If Urban Anthropology doesn’t work out, we can always try calling it Urpgy, or Nagru or something.

Supply Chain Football

Ahhh…the throwback logo. I think the winding down of football season put me in the mood. I’ve actually been wanting to post something up here about Apple for a while now, and what it comes down to really are these three thoughts about my favorite company. First, you have to love “the comeback”. I know […]

Bucky Fuller & Spaceship Earth

I think I had to post this because the car photos are just so cool. This car was actually designed in the early 1930’s by R. Buckminster Fuller (think geodesic dome). There were only three experimental cars built, and they didn’t do all that well (although it seems they were easy to park due to […]

Tribute In Light

9/11/2001 – I remember I was on the phone being interviewed for a job out of state, and I had the Today Show playing in the background. I looked up at one point and noticed the surreal scene that was the beginning of what ultimately played out before all our eyes. I told the client […]

Ragnar Naess

I can’t say enough about Ragnar. We met at a Crafts Fair many years ago when I was studying at Pratt, and over the years my wife and I have made a number of (but not nearly enough) pilgrimages to his studio in Brooklyn. It’s worth the trip for sure. His website is here, at […]

Leaf House

As a builder, even a high-end custom builder, I spend a good deal of time dealing in the mundane. So when I see something like this actually get built, I have to sit back and spend some time taking it all in. Believe me when I tell you it takes a unique combination of client, […]

Best Designed Light Fixture Ever

I have a thing for Frank Lloyd Wright, I know, so it’s a little hard to be objective sometimes. But have you ever seen anything like this? Really. This fixture was originally designed in 1902 by Frank Lloyd Wright for the Dana-Thomas House. That’s 6 years before the first Model T Ford. Anyway, today it’s […]