Sagrada Familia

This is an impressive bit of CAD work.

When I was in architecture school I was fascinated by two architects, Louis Sullivan and Antoni Gaudi. Many, many parallels but that’s not the reason for this post. Gaudi’s Magnum Opus, the Sagrada Familia, was an obsession of his late in life. It has been under construction since 1882. Yes, that’s 131 years and counting (as a builder, I can’t imagine the discussion with the client about schedules. I could learn a few things from Gaudi). It’s a fascinating story, and if you have the time you can start here. Currently the project is about, well at best guess a dozen years from completion, but it wouldn’t be the first missed deadline if that one doesn’t come to pass. Anyway I’d always hoped I would live to see the completion of the project, and now finally, with the help of some awesome CAD animation I can. I’d recommend full screen mode for this one.